Today I was Totally Floored.

Letters from my trip to the Baltics. Part II Today’s Russian outing was to the Hermitage Museum. It was the Palace of, among others, Peter the Great, and it truly was great! It was enormous and absolutely stuffed with art. These patterned floors were just one small detail amongst thousands. Stairway to heaven. I encountered

Today I am Drawing the Curtains!

Letters from my trip to the Baltics. Part I Here I am in Saint Petersburg, Russia!  It was an exciting evening at the Marinsky Theatre, or as they write in Russian, Мариинский театр. 🙂 The Theatre was even more sumptuous than it looks in the photos. Beautiful plush sea-green velvet and

Have you ever been nervous?

A story from the great fiddler, Natalie MacMaster, that inspired me. This weekend I had the pleasure of playing with the cello section of Symphony Nova Scotia for their performances with Cape Breton Fiddler, Natalie MacMaster. She had such an incredible presence on the stage and it was easy to tell

Did This Cellist Pay for the Whole Bow?

Pictured above: The Bela String Quartet‘s May 26th performance at Sea-Esta in Canning, NS. We were very proud of our performance, but it was nonetheless rivalled by the view! Stringed instrument bows are expensive. Any cellist  you encounter in concert has likely spent thousands of dollars on their bow, and bows from in-demand

Concerts, Corollaries & Crullers

Life is like a box of chocolates, but chamber music is like a box of doughnuts! A friend was commenting to me today about the number of doughnut shops cropping up all around the city of Halifax, and I have to agree that I have all of a sudden noticed

Positivity- It’s for Everyone!

Do you sometimes struggle to enjoy things as they are?  Do you have sneaky habits of judgement or self-criticism that try to pass themselves off as humility, morals, high standards, or as some other excuse? Do you have even sneakier habits of judgement that are so subtle or routine that you don’t

Here’s a Nudge from the Groundhog, and My Personal Tips on How to Turn Goals into Accomplishments

Happy February! Here we are, one month into the New Year and I have a question for you: What do you want to become good at in 2019? Just a few days ago in this neck-of-the-woods, our local groundhog, Shubenacadie Sam, made his appearance and then retreated for some weeks to come. I think many

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