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Happy Birthday to you!

This post is for beginner student cellists, or anyone who wants to learn to play Happy Birthday, pizzicato-style, on the cello (of course, you can always use your bow it you want!)

Largo, winter, the four seasons

Today’s blog is for student cellists! I will take you through the music step by step, pointing out some handy “tricks” along the way.

Hello, from my island to yours!

Boy, am I glad for the internet and not having to make calls on coconuts anymore! That would be a lot of strings to reach all of you, and I only have 4. AND I still need them for practice. 😂  I hope this email finds you well and with plenty of

The Island of Gotland

a poem by Catherine Little Gotland is Swedish and it means ‘Good Land’ It’s flat, edged with limestone, and surrounded by sand. The Capital is Visby; narrow streets behind a medieval wall are lined with cottages dressed in hues of Fall. On Gotland it’s winter, but Autumn has a long reach In the green grass, the roses and gentle winds

Yesterday I headed west and crossed the baltic… Hello Stockholm!

Letters from my trip to the Baltics. Part V “Magnificent” was the word that came to mind when I first arrived and caught glimpses of the city beginning to light up as the afternoon sun went down. So far, my impression of Stockholm might be biased- something pulls at your heartstrings when a

Ever since I arrived in St. Petersburg… Harps are everywhere

Letters from my trip to the Baltics. Part IV The harp above is a real oldie from the Renaissance. Only the sound box remains. Below, I am outside the Museum of Music, which I visited this morning. Then, some unusual instruments I encountered at the museum. The last one is

Tonight, I heard Shostakovich & Prokofiev

Letters from the Baltics. Part III The evening took place in a former palace turned : “Music House”. It was very exciting to walk inside and realize that the venue itself was practically a museum- and gorgeous too! I just  had to sneak a selfie at the top of the grand staircase. The

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