Hello, from my island to yours!

Boy, am I glad for the internet and not having to make calls on coconuts anymore! That would be a lot of strings to reach all of you, and I only have 4. AND I still need them for practice. 😂 

I hope this email finds you well and with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the good side of this “lockdown”. Obviously too much staying at home and not getting to be around the people we love fits into the “downside” category, but for those of us lucky ones who have everything we need and are simply “waiting it out”, I have noticed there are plenty of advantages to it too. 

The pandemic-imposed “shortages” of certain aspects of life, both personal and professional, have inspired surprising creativity. I see it in others all over the internet, and I hear about friends and family who are taking the time to do things that would normally get put on the back burner, so to speak. All of a sudden, homes are undergoing spring-cleaning-on-steroids, families are enjoying special and unique moments together, even via video chat, and ironically, in a time when we are all separate, people are reaching out to one another more than ever. 

I have my own last-on-the-to-do-list items where I’m finally indulging my attention, including, you might be surprised to learn, cello practice. Of course, in my old life, which took place before about March 15, 2020, I practiced, but the practice was mostly driven by whatever upcoming work demanded it. Now, apart from my two days a week performing through some windows from the sidewalk (I will get to that story a bit later) I have nothing in particular to prepare for. So, it means my practice has changed. Just like my life, my practice time also is organized using a to-do list (mental or sometimes I even write it down, wink, wink) and now all of those nitty-gritties I always wanted to explore but didn’t are sitting there, like flowers waiting to be picked. It’s as though the world stopped revolving quite so fast and now every task is surrounded by a cushion of extra time. Perhaps the compression of time was imaginary all along, but no matter, it’s as though the time-fairy stopped by and sprinkled her magic dust all over my studio.

Wow, do you feel the same way? I have to ask because I am in awe of what a gift in disguise this is for all of us who are staying at home! Even outside of practice, there is so much fun to be had- so much music to listen to, so many movies to watch, online courses to follow, recipes to try, books to read, jokes to be shared, crafts to work on, languages to be learned, games to play, conversations to be had, projects to get into, letters to be written, cozy chairs to curl up in, crosswords to be finished…  

Oh I almost forgot about the music performance from the sidewalk story! Most of it can be gleaned from the feature video in the May edition of my e-news. You can sign up for my monthly publication on the contact page of this website.

I would love to know what you are up to with your cushion of time! Or perhaps you are in a different line of work, and your relationship with time has crossed into the opposite realm from mine (I am not unaware of the wonderful, necessary and tireless workers out there)! If you feel like sending me a note or you would like to share with everyone in the comments area below, please do tell us what the good side of this global change has been for you! I look forward to hearing from you. 

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  1. This is Catherine here, testing my own comments area! Please feel free to leave a reply and prove to me that this feature actually functions 🙂


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