The Island of Gotland

a poem by Catherine Little

Gotland is Swedish and it means 'Good Land'
It's flat, edged with limestone, and surrounded by sand.

The Capital is Visby; narrow streets behind a medieval wall
are lined with cottages dressed in hues of Fall.
On Gotland it's winter, but Autumn has a long reach
In the green grass, the roses and gentle winds on the beach

As I walk along Austre, the beach below 
My eyes reach Hope Island, as feet do when tide is low

The limestone is soft and so the sea leaves its trace
Leaving a playground for hide-and-seek and the shape of a face
Remains of the middle-ages are found island-wide
In ruins and paintings of souls being tried
At Christmas there's mulled wine and old viking-style pop
While plates have meatballs, sliced ham and herring piled atop
They say in summer Gotland is the best place to be
Endless pink skies, 'blue fire' flowers, and of course, the baltic sea

Nevertheless, it was beautiful to experience it now
Filling me with appreciation and inspiration anyhow
Thank you for following my trip to this isle
There will be new places to tell about in the next little while

It's a pleasure to write for you and share my art
Please tell your friends if they'd possibly like to take part

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