Yesterday I headed west and crossed the baltic… Hello Stockholm!

Letters from my trip to the Baltics.

Part V

“Magnificent” was the word that came to mind when I first arrived and caught glimpses of the city beginning to light up as the afternoon sun went down. So far, my impression of Stockholm might be biased- something pulls at your heartstrings when a strange and faraway place reminds you so much of home. Of course, the size, history and architecture are more grand, but the landscape, sea, rock and vegetation are familiar. So is that beautiful winter light. 

Swedes have style.

I just love the Christmas decorations and the stars and candles that are displayed in so many windows. Swedes in general appear to have a knack for keeping things simple, practical and stylish. Perhaps this is why people around the world imitate the “Scandinavian look”. 

I didn’t have to work too hard to find beautiful Christmas decorations. Above you can see the Central Station, both inside and out, as well as those warm windows showcasing the paper lantern stars as well as candles. Below are a few shots of some streets and pathways I found to be particularly beautiful. I just love the way the colours of the buildings play off the pale skies and greenery. 

Below you can see I was standing up high overlooking the water. Stockholm is comprised of many islands and as you can see there are plenty of boats, big and small.
Here is map of Northern Europe and there’s Sweden, the big pink country in the middle of Norway and Finland. If you look closely you can see where I flew from Saint Petersburg and touched down in Riga before heading to Stockholm. 

With all of this moving around, this I tend to be slow to get going in the mornings, but tomorrow I plan to get out there early to take in more of this beautiful city. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, thank you for reading! Thanks also for supporting me and passing on my messages and music!

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