Today I am Drawing the Curtains!

Letters from my trip to the Baltics.

Part I

Here I am in Saint Petersburg, Russia! 

It was an exciting evening at the Marinsky Theatre, or as they write in Russian, Мариинский театр. 🙂

The Theatre was even more sumptuous than it looks in the photos. Beautiful plush sea-green velvet and gold everywhere, amplified by rows of dazzling chandeliers, and one enormous one ensconced in a richly painted ceiling. As you can imagine, I was inspired to take many photos- I even took a photo of the ceiling above staircase! My seat was to the left of the Royal Box in the 2nd balcony. There are five balconies arranged in a U-shape and it’s a great place to see and be seen! 

The bottom photograph is one I snapped on the street this evening. I caught an angle without people and many cars, which is quite the feat in this busy city of six million. The Мариинский театр is beside the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, which explains all of the instrument cases I saw going around. I enjoyed the fact that there were lots of cellists to be seen and heard tonight. 

It’s also been fun learning a word or two in Russian and solving the puzzle of sounding out the Russian letters. I have already discovered that when I have trouble, people have been very kind and helpful, and happy to share a bit of themselves with me. And everywhere I look, there is AWEsome architecture and seasonal decorations to take in. It’s been a great day in Saint Petersburg.

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