Positivity- It’s for Everyone!

  • Do you sometimes struggle to enjoy things as they are? 
  • Do you have sneaky habits of judgement or self-criticism that try to pass themselves off as humility, morals, high standards, or as some other excuse?
  • Do you have even sneakier habits of judgement that are so subtle or routine that you don’t even realize they are there?

Introducing Positivity, the solution to helping you identify and fire these pesky critics so you can enjoy it all!


Hi! It’s Catherine here, just back from Mexico!

Does the cellist in this photo look kind of pale?
That’s because she is waiting for a bus to the afterlife in Zyznya Arellano’s Film “I met Death, asked her if she was Mexican”  

…Okay, so I wasn’t in the real Mexico. But the set of this NSCAD film assistant directed by (my cello student!) Samira Eblaghi certainly was impressive. The film was shot over two days and I was inspired by the teamwork, leadership and know-how this relatively small group of film students showed. They were virtually on their own but they were handling the challenge right before my very eyes. How did they do it? I am convinced their secret ingredient was positivity. (by the way, for the film I gave a performance of “La Llorona”, a traditional tune you can buy a beautiful arrangement of at: reallifesheetmusic.com)

And now, back to our regular programming!

Who and What is Positivity for?
Positivity is for positively anyone. You can use it at the house, the car, the boat, the cottage, the office, the pub, and pretty much anywhere in your daily life! It will bring you success and let your personality shine through like nothing else. What’s more, it can even make other humans shiny just by proximity- now do you know of anything else this powerful?!?!

Why do you want to work so hard to be miserable? 
With Positivity, you can ditch every single one those old, outdated devices and use just one to give you the results you are looking for: joy, satisfaction, and a reach for the stars that is much bigger than you thought possible!

Watch it in action! Try it out now!
See how Positivity is a heavy lifter! It is a motivator! It acts by changing your point of view, which positively affects your behaviour, your choices and your capacity for understanding. Watch how Positivity makes you lighter as it clears away heavy mental baggage. It allows for the kind of clear thinking that encourages farther reaching of all human kind. Positivity instills courage and grants people permission to be themselves. With Positivity, we guarantee easy living and pleasant surprises.

Some people are leery of using this amazing tool because they think it involves acting FAKE. But Positivity actually has the power to do quite the contrary, it cuts through the crap! You will see how those negative thoughts you believed about yourself and others will dissolve using this powerful solution!

You know that thing you accomplished, that exam you passed or that pride and joy created? You know you could not have done it without Positivity, which saved you from buying into the bogus “I can’t” mentality.

Just think of those students who used Positivity to create a film in just 2 days!

Act now and get instant delivery and free shipping!

Here’s how to order: 
Get an unlimited lifetime supply of Positivity for every negative thought and emotion you throw away. It’s THAT easy!

To renew your supply, just close your eyes and DIAL 1-800-I-GOT-THIS

This message was brought to you by even more Positivity. I couldn’t have written it without some!

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