What Are You Passionate About?

Not sure you know what your passion is? I do!
There is so much talk about a person finding his or her passion. Sometimes an idea is so simple that all the buzz can make it seem like there is more to it than there really is. At one time I would read or hear about people finding their passion, and think, “I wonder what my passion is?” You might be surprised why a person who makes music her profession would be confused about this, but all of the passion-hype had me second-guessing what it’s all about. Hearing enthusiastic stories about others’ passions left me feeling as though maybe those people had visited some passion Shangri-lah I had not yet found.But it turns out I was already there…

Being passionate simply means having an interest and an excitement about something that you naturally gravitate toward and enjoy. The words “finding your passion” can be misleading because they suggest that there can only be one thing that you love and that it might be difficult to get to know. However, it does not have to be complicated- our interests come easily to us and they show up every day in our curiosities and delights. Notice what you like to think about, experience, and do. Those are your passions despite how you may perceive and judge them. A passion does not have to fit any particular notion, does not need to be described in words, and could also be something completely new.

Another reason for confusion on this topic has to do with fear. Fears of failure or worrying what other people might think or say are two very common ones, but what is important is that you recognize fear if it is standing in your way. Then, there are infinite ways to own and explore your enthusiasm and just remember it does not have to look like anyone else’s. Take pride in the things you love to do, your ability to do them well, and your hard work at improving. Just think how satisfying it is to sink your heart and mind into something you like. Just jump in and try it. See if you agree. 

And finally, here are a few ideas I feel passionate about sharing before I sign off: First, it’s NEVER too late to start anew or revive a languishing passion. Second, don’t worry about how it’s going to work out. And third, don’t wait to start sharing your talents, even if they are fresh. Find ways to give people even a small piece of your enthusiasm. You will see how much others will appreciate your contribution, or in the very least you will inspire someone else to follow their joy too. As you go, you may have to deal with a terrible critic (probably you ;), and you will likely make many mistakes, but you will never be bored if you live with passion.

Here are my 6 steps to follow for full passion-satisfaction:

1. Recognize what turns your crank

2. Own it- start by honouring your interests and giving yourself permission to enjoy them 

3. “Feel the Fear and Do it Anway”- (thank you Dr. Susan Jeffers 😉

4. Work on it. It won’t always necessarily be easy but it will always be rewarding.

5. Share it now 🙂

6. Let go, enjoy, and don’t be too serious about it – just see where your passion takes you!

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