Hi! I’m Catherine.

I’m a cellist and teacher who believes Music is for everyone. I am here to help you bring more of it into your life.


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ten unique things about me

  1. It’s been 27 years now that I’ve had a cello to lug around 😉 I started playing the cello because there was a string instrument program at school. I was already taking piano lessons, and the idea of getting to play what I thought of as such an exotic instrument (I had never seen a cello before!) was really exciting. I am eternally grateful for that program and wish music education opportunities on everyone!
  2. I love playing piano, but I gave up working hard on those skills. I needed to focus all of my energies on improving my cello playing at university. It’s the hardest that I ever worked, so much so that I felt if I could get through music school, I could do anything! I had some high school years of playing the French Horn, but there’s something about the singing quality of a cello that won out over any other instruments.
  3. No, I do not play the oboe. It’s funny how many times I am stopped and asked about this when I am out in the city with my cello. When I first met Brad, I told him about the oboe questions and he wouldn’t believe me! So you can imagine how satisfied I was the day we were out having breakfast and someone approached our booth to ask “excuse me, but is that an oboe?”
  4. I am the first person in our family to study music. Nevertheless, my Scottish and Irish ancestors came from a tradition of singing, dancing and playing instruments at home.
  5. I can’t drink a full cup of coffee. When I think of musicians, they run around in my mind’s eye holding takeout coffee cups. Sadly, a full cup of coffee makes me more jittery than performance jitters! I have a tiny little espresso cup to hold a regular joe. I just love the smell and the socializing that comes with coffee.
  6. My favourite food is peas. Yes, you read right, peas. There is never a bad time to eat peas, I even like them for a snack. The best time is summer, when I can buy them in the pods.
  7. I always have the environment on my mind. I love to do little things that are kind to the earth. I am careful what I eat and what I wear. I pick up garbage when I see some on the street. I also do little things at home to reduce waste. I haven’t used plastic wrap since 2003!
  8. When I’m not snacking on peas, I go for eye candy. Fashion, decorating, architecture, paintings. I LOVE this stuff and rearrange my space enough that Brad has to look twice before he sits down…is the chair still there? LOL
  9. I love gadgets! I recently bought a watch that is a vibrating metronome, decibel metre, tuner and timer- so cool! I especially love it the gadgets are earth-friendly.
  10. I don’t really have a favourite composer, but more often than not, I like music on the chill side. Satie vs Wagner and Sade vs Metallica. Music that falls into the “classical” category is what I am most interested in, but at the end of the day, I like to put on anything but! Changing up the vibe helps me transition into “after work” mode 🙂

thanks for the music

“You made my month. Your music brought me joy”


“Catherine is one of the most creative and inspirational teachers I have ever studied under. Before taking lessons with Catherine, the practice felt like a chore.”


“We couldn’t have asked for better ceremony music! We will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a live wedding band! “



music and stories

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